Making Lasting Change. A Snowy Day The snow came today. It flurried down from a grey, stony sky like the gifted feathers from a benevolent angel. It transformed my world from dull grey to a brilliant sparkling white. Wherever it kissed the ground, or objects thereon, its magical Midas touch renovated and renewed the scene …

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Knitting My Thoughts.

kNITTING MY THOUGHTS. https://symanthas.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Knitting-Thoughts-Together.mp4 Finding Christmas joy. It is a week before Christmas. My house is festooned with fairy lights, pine trees , angels and Ho Ho Ho. Everything good and joyful.  Except that it’s not! Well, it is. But it’s not! I love Christmas, except I don’t. It over promises and under delivers at a …

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Reflecting on reflections and perception On a beautiful, moody morning my walk is shrouded in layered veils of purple through to neon pinks and orange. As I contemplate the beauty, I wonder if I am alone in what I see and feel. Is everyone moved and engulfed by nature and colour? Does everyone see what …

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