Symantha's Talking Therapy

Stage 3

Closing session

Review and reflect.


The Wash-up

In business, a short meeting after a larger one is called “the wash-up”.  Where a summary is made and actions agreed.

In the kitchen, after the baking and tasting and all the creative work done you wipe down the sides, clean up and put everything away.  

With me, this can take the form of a written reflection, or if you request it, we can schedule an informal meeting whether in person, by telephone or remote meeting.

The wash-up is relaxed and informal just to ensure that there are no unanswered questions about the work done and progress made. Providing the opportunity for both of us the chance tie up any loose ends. We review your journey, reflect on your experience and close the therapeutic relationship.  There is no charge for this session.

Good endings are the precursor to good beginnings.