Symantha's Talking Therapy

Stage 2

Therapy sessions


Submit to the work to be done.

Embrace the hypnosis process.


Our second and subsequent sessions will open with an update from you but the bulk of the session will be given over to hypnosis.

In the interim since our last meeting, I will have designed a hypnosis session to best effect the changes you seek.

There are countless hypnotic techniques that I may employ. The trancework may focus on specific hypnotic techniques such as regression, inner child work, metaphor, past life work, future rehearsal, etc or a combination of several. But whatever I use, I will speak briefly about it first, and only with your permission will I proceed.

Whilst I will have specifically planned the session to best work with your issue and who you are, I work in a fluid and responsive way and I am able to adjust as we go along. Ensuring that I remain in line with where you are in real-time as far as possible. My prime aim is to achieve your goal in the least time possible. 

I aim for the hypnosis to last around 45 minutes.

After the hypnosis, I will give you a few minutes to relax and reflect. 

We can book the next session then if you have not block-booked a therapeutic series, or we can leave it open.  At every point, I am guided by you.