Sessions and Fees.

Initial Consultation 90 minutes £65.00 (£75.00 after 5.30 pm M-F)

Subsequent Therapy sessions 1 hour £65.00 (£75.00 after 5.30 pm M-F)

Smoking Cessation 90 minutes £200.00 (£210.00 after 5.30 pm M-F)

Weekend sessions by arrangement £100.00 (* excluding Smoking Cessation)

Symantha Simcox

There is much you can do by yourself for yourself and this website aims to support that fully.

But if time is an issue and you want to get something sorted sooner rather than later, or your problem feels overwhelming and you feel you have “tried everything else”, then booking a session with me is the logical next step.

How Many Sessions?

I am a client-led service so I am guided by you as to how many sessions you feel you need. That said, my aim is to do myself out of a job with you as soon as possible! 

I know, it sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? But it’s the truth.

In terms of planning ahead, I would say you need to commit to at least two paid sessions. This is because the first consultation is primarily a fact-find. This session is vital to begin to forge a good connection and help ensure I have a clear understanding of what you are seeking.

The “hypnotherapy” starts in earnest in the second session.

See my Stages of Therapy for some insight.

Why it costs more in the evenings and weekends

My time like yours is valuable!

This is why I charge a little more for evening work and weekend work because my family time is worth much more to me than my office time. 

However, I understand that for many reasons, it may be preferable for some people to have their Personal Therapy time outside of the normal working day. 

I understand that and will accommodate it whenever I can but, of course, it comes at a premium.

A True Investment In Self.

Private therapy offers a totally bespoke service. It can be like the fast-track on the journey to self-actualization or an efficient resolution to unwanted symptoms, habits, or fears. 

I work with what you bring to the table so the journey we take will be as unique as you. Our sessions are totally confidential and what is shared in the therapeutic space is safely and respectfully held. 

I will help you get to the place you want to be as quickly as possible.

Transformation is totally within everybody’s reach but it requires work and dedication. You have to start from the place of absolutely knowing you want to get unstuck from whatever it is that is holding you back; the issue that is preventing you from living your life to the full and achieving your potential.

There will be homework and there will be complimentary recordings for you to use at home where appropriate. The work done in the therapy sessions continues outside the therapy space and you will adopt new ways of being leaving old habits, fears and unwanted behaviours behind.

Things change when you change!

Non-Issue-Based Hyposis.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool within psychological therapy and healing but it is also fantastic for general relaxation and creativity.

I run a “non-therapy” online workshop for actors, directors, and writers to assist with the creative process, storytelling, and 360˚ character creation. You can find out more about that here

My “Hypnosis for Relaxation” sessions are just that. They are for clients who have perhaps experienced hypnosis before and simply enjoy the effects of being guided into a deeply relaxed state. Often when the issue-based therapy sessions have concluded, some clients want to book regular or ad-hoc sessions to do some non-issue-based, generic, relaxation hypnosis just to switch off, refocus and recharge.

It's up to you to take the next step!

You can achieve a happier state of being.  You can get back to optimum performance.  You can change anything about yourself. You can be happy. You can be free.  If you are ready to move forward, I can help you.

I believe everyone has powerful internal resources within, you just need to tune into them. I can help you and I can’t wait to work with you!

* I am aware that personal therapy is outside the budget of many but there is a growing government thrust toward supporting people suffering from mental health issues and you can find information about mental health support through Public Health Wales or your local authority.