"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits

Creativity and Hypnosis

Symantha's Talking Therapy

and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts"

 – William Shakespeare

Sitting harmoniously alongside my issue-based therapy work is the work I do with actors, directors, writers, painters, and dreamers. 

These sessions are for people who already work with that creative, intuitive part of their being and benefit from using bespoke guiding narrative (hypnosis) to deepen their creative understanding, access creative resources to find answers to solutions or simply to help when they feel “stuck”.

Because we all get stuck sometimes, even the most creative among us

One-to-one creativity session

Symantha's Talking Therapy

To help you catch those elusive ideas, just at the corner of your conscience.

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% Perspiration"

Edison spoke from the reality of his lived experience. 

It is true. In the vast majority of cases, there is no point in knowing what we want to achieve without being prepared to do what it takes to get us there. 

It is all very well having great ideas but the high achiever has to put in the hours and the leg work for an idea to become reality.

Even so, without the light bulb moment, or ability to keep your creative juices pumped along the way, great ideas can be left on the wayside. 

Safe and confidential.

In the one-to-one creativity session, we work together to access that creative part of you to uncover answers, possibilities, and new paths of exploration. 

This is a totally unique and bespoke service where hypnosis is utilised creatively to access your imagination to help you get unstuck, start a new project, or deeply explore an idea that you have had floating around but have been unable to pin down.

So, for example, if you have writer’s block, or are finding it impossible to come up with a creative idea for an advertising campaign deadline we could use hypnosis to open up doorways to possible options.

The one-to-one creativity session lasts 90 minutes conducted via Zoom or in-person in my therapy room. The cost is £65.00 and that will include a preliminary 15-minute chat by telephone or via Zoom ahead of the session to address any questions. 

group character creation workshop

Symantha's Talking Therapy

A group session to help actors create real, believable characters from within. 

"Acting is behaving Truthfully under Imaginary Circumstances."

Sanford Meisner’s famous quote says it succinctly.

This workshop is designed to help actors access that core of truth to support the building and creation of 360˚ characters that are believable and able to communicate their truth to audiences.

The workshop does not advocate any particular acting method because it works in its own right and as an adjunct to any preference the actor has.

It dove-tails perfectly with any acting style because although I facilitate the experience, it is your own mind and imagination doing the work.

Give your Production the Edge.

This is a 3-hour workshop for 10 to 20 actors and is conducted via Zoom or in-person if you are local.

In the workshop, you will learn a bit about hypnosis, or guiding narrative, enjoy a 30-minute hypnosis session, and do non-specific script work with the character you are working on to build upon and flex any discoveries following the hypnosis. 

The objective of the workshop is to help actors create believable characters and to give them and their directors a tool to come away with that they can use in the future. 

The Online Actor’s Character Creation Workshop costs £250.00.

In-person the Actor’s Character Creation Workshop costs £400.00 and is for up to 20 people.

Please contact me for booking and further information.

Helping you find your way, your way!