The Connection Confection

If you are feeling a need to connect with self or others this recording will help you find a space within to relax and deeply reconnect with yourself and others. It can help heal the pain of feeling alone by assisting you to harness your imagination to reframe your feelings of disconnection. It is also a really enjoyable recording for those who feel connected but want to strengthen the sense of being part of something bigger. 

You will need to find 40 minutes alone-time to give to this recording.  So find a suitable time and space where you will be comfortable and undisturbed. This is not a professional standard recording, simply a recording done using my limited technology at home. You may get greater benefit by using head phones or you can download the recording to your own device, simply double click on the image to open the recording or press play below.


At the start of the recording you will hear me say it will last approximately 30 minutes but in fact it is 36.5 minutes long- Symantha