Symantha's Talking Therapy

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Relax, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy...

Hypnosis is for everyone and learning the art of self-hypnosis is the wonderful self-gift that keeps on giving. 

To learn self-hypnosis simply “click on and switch off”. For optimum benefit make it a regular exercise. You will find that you will go more quickly and more deeply into a wonderfully relaxed state with each time you practice. Very soon you will not need my voice as guide and you will be able to “zone in” and “zone out” without audio. The perfect pick-me-up that is always to hand.

Symantha's Talking Therapy

Before booking a session with me my recordings are perfect preparation. Giving you the chance to familiarise yourself with my voice and get comfortable with the hypnosis process.

Current clients find these shorter sessions useful for when time is limited. Even though they do not reflect the specific work we do in our sessions, practice is practice and nothing is wasted.

The recordings below contain generalised suggestions to help increase self-confidence and deepen relaxation; things that everyone’s mental, spiritual, and physical well-being can benefit from.

Self-hypnosis is a learnable skill and like all skills, it becomes stronger the more you do it. If you are new to it, try not to have any expectation, just surrender to yourself and see what occurs.

You are amazing and unique and so too will be your journey.

Try the “self-hypnosis” recording first because the subsequent recordings assume some familiarity with going into a dream-like state. Other than that, pick what you fancy.

From me to you, enjoy!

Disclaimer: These recordings are not studio level productions, just me, and a recording device in my therapy space, so they simulate perfectly one of my live sessions in terms of what I sound like. However, they are not a replacement for therapy nor should they be used in place of seeking professional medical advice.

If you are happy to give feedback on your experience of any of my complimentary recordings please contact me at I value your thoughts. Let me know too if you have any suggestions for other recordings you might like.  Alternatively, you can use the reply form below if you would like comments posted and we can start a discussion with like-minded people. 

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