Mindful musings

Mental Wellbeing and Philosophical Reflection.

A blog of philosophical musings from Symantha.

Encouraging a compassionate curiosity about life and human existence.

Pondering is like exercising your mind. When exercising your body the muscle tone gets firmer and mostly it makes you feel good but sometimes you will try an exercise that hurts, and you have to go gently. Musings are a bit like that. Therapy can be a bit like that. Ultimately, you get to feel better whether 100% better or better than before.


Helpless is not hopeless. Perhaps you’ve had a knock back. You’re pootling along in life, nothing out of the ordinary particularly happening, nothing particularly remarkable, just the usual usual. You’re...

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begin it now. Gerty’s Advice Still holds. Whether it was Goethe or a translator who actually penned the words; “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness...

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