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Give Yourself a Giggle.

It is ironic that the times when there is absolutely nothing to laugh about are the times when you most need the spirit-lifting properties of a real belly laugh. 

The reason behind this week’s musing came about when reflecting on life before Covid19 with a colleague that I would regularly see in person in the pre-lockdown world.

The Incidental Topics of Conversation.

Although we still speak regularly via telephone, MS Teams meetings and skype, the discussions tend to be largely work based. They have a reason. The discourse has to have an objective, which prompts the action to call or book a remote meeting, to fulfil that objective.

Whilst these remote meetings and telephone conversations are still upbeat, warm and connecting, they are fairly pointed. They have a purpose and once that function is concluded aside from a brief check on wellbeing, they are ended.  

In the face to face meetings and shared space, incidental topics of conversation arise. Those accompanying, in-the-minute conversations happen over coffee or in the space between work-focused conversations and recount events that are unrelated to work,  they are ancillary news that punctuates a person’s experience of life. 

They are the spaces where laughter is shared.

What We Miss in Lockdown.

My colleague and I were reflecting over email what we miss about the old world. 

She told me, that what she missed about not working together in a shared space was my laugh.

I instantly recorded the clip below and sent it to her. 

It did the trick.

A few little facts about laughter.

When we laugh we get a physical work out, our oxygen intake increases, our immune system is strengthened, our body relaxes and endorphins (natural painkillers) are released into the bloodstream. Laughter is good stuff! We need to prioritise it. – check out their article on “what happens when we laugh”.

You don't even have to be finding anything funny to get the positive effects of laughter.

In fact, I found this out when I did my laughter recording for my friend. 

I started with a very self-conscious false laugh. But I quickly, found myself giggling and laughing at what I know not, but I do know it was infectious.

Read the note at the bottom of this article on Simulated Laughter – 

Let's Start a Laughter Contagion.

Covid19 has shown us the negative side of something contagious. Laughter is good. It’s free, and we all have access to it.

Laugh now, laugh wildly, deeply, pointlessly and freely. 

And share it. 

Laughter is infections. 

With a smile and warm regards,

Symantha x