Symantha's Talking Therapy

Expect to succeed!

Most hypnosis sessions follow these four steps:

1. Induction
I will always inform you of when we are going to go into hypnosis and check that you are ready and comfortable to do so. All you need to do is to follow my voice and be open to working with me.

A simple induction will be me asking you to close your eyes and imagine getting more relaxed as I count out backward from ten to one.  

2. Deepener
As you get used to tuning into my voice I might use a guided visualisation, or give the direct suggestion to relax even deeper, even further. The intention being to encourage you to release and surrender to your inner exploration.
3. Therapeutic Intervention

This comprises the bulk of the time given to the hypnotic trance work. In other words this is where I conduct the therapy. That is, we address the problem or issue that you are seeking a solution to.  This is the creative space where I have tailored the hypnotic techniques and selected wording best suited to target your goals and issues. As a result, your willingness to go along with what I have assessed to be a potentially helpful technique for your goals combine to ensure that there is a maximum chance of suggestion being accepted by your subconscious. 

4. Emergence
Very often I count up from one to ten (or any given number), with the instruction to open your eyes on the final count.
Your experience of the trancework will be as individual as you. 
Common phenomena are tingling, a feeling of deep relaxation, time distortion (some feel they were in trance for a lot longer than 45 minutes, some feel it was a lot less), a sense of zoning out or of having been “away”, and sensations of sudden warmth or coolness. 
Some people report that they have been drifting in and out of sleep or a dream state.
To date, no one has reported that they did not enjoy the experience, even when working with difficult and painful issues.