Symantha's Talking Therapy

Hypnosis is not:

Hypnosis is not any of these things.

  • mind control
  • a magic trick
  • deception
  • something that is “done” to you

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. 

Using my voice and suggestion, I work as facilitator so that you can allow conscious thought to drift away.

The creative narrative used helps produce that state of “otherness” in which to conduct therapy. I use the hypnotic phenomena and techniques at my disposal to assist you in resolving your issues. 

Only you can give yourself the permission to follow my voice.

Nothing transpires without your full cooperation and permission.

Mind Control.

The only mind control going on, is you beginning to explore ways you can access the control panel of your own mind. 

Perhaps the reason some people worry about it being some sort of mind control because at some level they are aware that they are not totally in control of their own minds. And we often are not. 

Self-hypnosis is a real skill to develop both inside therapy and outside. 

Putting you back in the driving seat and giving you greater control of your life and happiness. 

A Magic Trick.

There is no trickery nor magic in the sense of some mystical, external force compelling me or my clients to change, respond or heal.

It might feel magical because it can (and does in my experience) facilitate radical change often in a short period of time. 

Many report wonderful feelings of deep relaxation, of feeling physically altered that can feel magical. But they feel magical because we so very rarely give ourselves the time to truly tune out and listen to our minds and bodies. Everyone is different and everyone responds differently, and it is true, some people respond in remarkable and unique ways to simply closing their eyes and following my voice. But everyone is different.

The healing work done is truly remarkable, but this is no more magical than our amazing ability to help ourselves in ways that defy precise explanation. 

A Deception.

Deception, it is not. 

Hypnosis is about exploring perception and nothing to do with any sort of skullduggery on my part.

We deceive ourselves of all sorts of things on a daily basis. 

I am in the business of helping people reframe their faulty belief patterns so they can achieve their full potential.

Hypnosis can address the self-deceiver within and lead to living a fuller, more authentic life.

I am a hypnotherapist, a witness and a guide to the amazing and life changing work that you are going to do.

Yes, it is my voice you listen to but I am working solely with information that you have shared, in terms that you have expressed and utilising hypnotic techniques that I have been specifically trained in to help you find the best and easiest way for you to access trance phenomena and avail yourself of the help it has given to millions of people.