What Is Hypnotherapy?

There are many ways to find your way. 

Hypnotherapy can be a short-cut.

If you always take the same path, you will always arrive at the same destination. 

Time to try a different route!


Hypnotherapy is a “talking therapy” where hypnosis is used to help you access, explore, and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. 

Have you ever felt like you seem unable to do the things you want? Do you struggle to be the person you want to be and know you truly are? Do you feel unable to enjoy life fully? Or do you sometimes feel like you endlessly struggle with self-sabotaging behaviours? Hypnotherapy may be the short cut to the change you seek. 

If you suffer emotional pain, anxiety or phobias that stop you from living life fully, then hypnotherapy can help you.

Whether your goals for therapy are physical, emotional, behavioural, motivational, spiritual, or creative, the hypnosis process can be a wonderful short-cut to making the changes you want to make.

Therapy session

The therapy session gives you the time and safe space to open up about your deepest fears and concerns. You will be encouraged to speak your truth, without fear of judgment or repercussion. I will hold that space for you to explore your own thoughts and feelings, working at a pace to suit you.

That in itself brings about self-revelations that do not ordinarily surface which will activate a shift in some of your perceptions. Therefore, you will begin to move away from issues as alternative options begin to rise to the surface.

This therapeutic shift is then capitalised upon by using hypnosis.  That means your creative mind will access the positive potential of your newly found motivations.  As a result you are able to dive deeply and safely into your own psyche to access inner resources to help heal, change and eradicate any unhelpful patterns. 


I will gently encourage you to use your imagination. If you follow my voice it will guide you to an altered state of focus. 

For most it will feel deeply relaxing, like a feeling of otherness, daydreaming or simply time-out.  Many report a sensation of shifting in and out of awareness. Therapy works on the basis that it is in this purposely altered quieting of the mind and body we are more open to accepting positive suggestion. Also, the session encourages the creative mind to explore and access internal resources to identify meaningful insights.

In hypnosis, you will begin to explore and address the issues that you face. Then you will find that you can make deep and lasting change through guided mind/imagination explorations. I am the guide but you do the work.  

But you will only share what you want to and only go as far as you are prepared.

You will be in control at all times.

To an observer, it would look like you are gently resting whilst I tell a story.

But if you are doing the work, what is actually happening is that you are utilising the power of your imagination to explore your mind.

If you are open and sensitive to what your mind delivers to you, you can make dramatic and lasting changes much more quickly than by willpower alone.

From within your inner mind-space, you will begin to make alterations to your inner programming, that will set you on a course of a brand new way of being. A happier, brighter, and more content way of being.

Whilst every person’s experience of hypnotherapy is unique, you can expect to thoroughly enjoy the experience of hypnosis.