Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand! Or is it??

"Hypnotherapy" is a talking therapy that specifically utilises hypnosis to help clients resolve psychological issues to improve the experience of living life and being human.

 So what exactly is hypnosis?

Ask 100 hypnotists and you will possibly get 100 different answers!

Most people have a view of what hypnosis is. 

Anyone who has witnessed or participated in a good stage show will be fairly persuaded of it being an actual demonstrable phenomenon. 

There are hundreds of books on the subject but no absolute definition of what it is has been pinned down. Despite the tangible presence of hypnosis in the history of medicine, psychotherapy, and yes, entertainment.


(This is quite wordy, if you want an idea of what hypnotherapy involves specifically at Symantha’s Talking Therapy, then please jump  straight to the “stages of therapy” via the link)

Real or surreal?

If the chaps in white coats cannot agree with what it is, or whether it even exists, who am I to spout an absolute definition?

What I can say is that I have been privileged enough to see the transformational effects of hypnotherapy time and again. Enduring change results for reasons that do not fall neatly into one prescribed explanation. And I am comfortable with that.  It is enough for me to know that hypnosis within therapy profoundly assists clients in finding the relief they seek.  Of course, I continue to keep abreast of the research and allow my views to evolve.  

I believe hypnosis enhances talking therapy and can dramatically speed up the process of change. I work well with hypnosis and hypnosis works well with my clients.

I do subscribe to the idea that it is the harnessing of a natural phenomenon that we are all very familiar with; the trance state or state of altered focus.

Have you ever reflected on a disagreement with a friend or partner and found yourself mind rehearsing what you are going to say to them? 

If so, you have experienced your imagination transporting you away from the world perceived by your senses to another world within you. So real to your mind, that you may even mouth the words, mime the gestures and pull the faces. (Then, your conscious mind suddenly alerts you to the fact that someone has come into the room and is watching you. So you smile awkwardly, clear your throat and pretend you were singing a song).  

You have just come back from a state similar to that in hypnosis.

Have you lost yourself in a favourite piece of music and lost all sense of self and your surroundings? 

This is like hypnosis.

Have you driven a familiar route and been unable to recall any part of the journey? As if your body automatically took over so your mind just went elsewhere?

If you recognise any of these examples or similar, you know trance phenomena.

Unaware, we dance in and out of hypnosis all the time, daydreaming, zoning out, and being in the flow. 


So, for me, hypnosis is where one person purposefully encourages another to access a similar state through words and suggestion. 

When we are in this changed state of focus we access internal creative resources. These allow the reconstruction of alternative experience and response. 

In therapy, I help you access the subconscious mind or that limitless part of you that is not constricted by how you think you must behave or respond. Opening the door to infinite possibility.

As a therapeutic tool it helps you achieve goals by working directly with your creative mind and your subconscious automated programming. Working with the creative mind produces results much faster than by willpower alone and we all want to be a little more time-efficient, right?

Whether that is to rid yourself of a phobia, banish anxiety, lose weight, rid yourself of chronic pain, achieve a specific goal, or turn around any life-limiting belief that is stopping you from being the very best version of you, hypnosis can help.

Start exploring your creative mind because that is where you can create an alternative future than will otherwise happen. How exciting is that? 

It is my joy and privilege to be co-creator with my clients.

Why Symantha's Talking Therapy?

This work can be great fun but I take my client’s fears and pains very seriously. 

I make a deep commitment to my private clients to help them as much as I can and genuinely want to see great results as quickly as possible. 

Part of my job is to tune into you from the onset, ensuring that you feel as safe and free as possible to do some really empowering and life-changing work.

There may be tears, and likely laughter but the journey will always be kept on track, moving consistently toward the relief that you seek as quickly as possible.

This is why there will be homework set and bespoke hypnosis recordings provided, so that you can continue the work between sessions and long after our contract has ended.

What's on offer.

I offer a completely tailored service. No two people are the same, nor any two sessions the same.

The work is guided by me but led by you. I work creatively with whatever you bring to our sessions.

I have total belief in your innate ability to radically transform your life. We work together to banish unwanted habits, thoughts and behaviours. I am totally results focused.

There are no guarantees with regard to the outcome because sometimes the goals change but you are guaranteed to have my undivided attention and support during our journey. If you are ready and prepared to commit to the work that we do, then we have a brilliant chance of it being successful.

My section on the stages of therapy will give you an idea of how the workflow generally progresses. But as I say, no two sessions are the same.