Your Thoughts, Comments and Feedback

Feedback is important to me. My website aims to inform, share and offer something to anyone who is seeking information and help.

Not everyone can afford personal therapy. Not everyone is ready to take that step.

My Clients have the benefit of a tailored approach but also use the free recordings I share here between sessions. Hynosis, like everything, gets better with practice and everyone can benefit from a little altered-focus time. And anyone can begin to explore their own wellbeing and happiness outside of therapy. I want this website to be a place where anyone and everyone who has an interest, can gain something from these web pages.

Please use the space below to give feedback or perhaps suggest an issue that you feel needs highlighting or may be suitable for me to create a free, generic Hypno recording to help with.

Let me know what you are thinking. I am open to all thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

If you want me to respond, or have more to express than you can via this brief suggestion form, please contact me via email or contact form. 

From my heart to yours 

~ Symantha