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Covid-19 Policy & Safety Procedures

Symantha’s Talking Therapy’s prime aim is to put the health and wellbeing of clients first. 

Safety and hygiene

Symantha’s Talking Therapy maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and commits to:

– Keep the therapy space clean and tidy.

– Provide hand gel, tissues and hand washing facilities to all clients.

– Change washable throws that cover the clients’ chair between each client, replacing with a new, freshly laundered throw. 

– Thoroughly clean and disinfect the lavatory and wash room before and after all client sessions and replace the hand-towel.

– Disinfect doorknobs, hard surfaces, and therapy materials (e.g. shell box/ therapy cards) before and after sessions. 

Expectation of Client.

All clients agree to:

– Have completed honestly and completely the Symantha’s Talking Therapy’s Covid Consent Form the day before the therapy session. Any concern over exposure to the virus and possible infection will result in the session being postponed or cancelled. 

– Use the hand sanitiser provided or bring their own if there is a known allergy to certain sanitising gels prior to handling any equipment that might be used (e.g. shell box/ therapy cards). 

Commitment of Therapist.

I agree to:

– Maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and protection at all times and especially when serving refreshments.

 – Ensure the highest safety standards without compromising the therapeutic relationship. 

– Fully ventilate the room between client sessions. 

– Offer online sessions where practicable and where the client prefers as an alternative to face to face meetings.

– Take no undue risk with regard to Covid, keeping in line at all times with the government guidance in both my professional and personal life. 

– Immediately notify clients and reschedule appointments if I become infected with Covid or if I discover I have come into contact with anyone who has the virus. Likewise if any event leads me to believe that my clients may be at any risk if they attend a session, I will take proactive measures to ensure client safety. 

– Take a Lateral Flow Test early in the morning prior to seeing any clients during the day and cancel the day’s appointments should there be a positive test result.

Exclusion Disclaimer.

Where there is an exceptional circumstance, such as a medical emergency or unforeseen disaster, the above restrictions may be disregarded but only where the safety of the client is put at risk significantly. 

The latest Government Guidance for the UK can be found here.

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