Symantha’s Talking Therapy’s website is a source of information and signposting but is not in itself therapy. 

Please avail yourself of any material offered but always check with your own doctor and take medical advice if you are seeking secondary support to existing medical problems.

I do not offer generic pain relief recordings on my site because pain is the body’s warning system, it is usually there for a reason to prevent further injury or illness and it needs to be checked out by conventional medical opinion first. 

If you come to me for pain relief in private therapy, I will request that you check with your doctor first, prior to commencing work with me. 

I am on your side, never judging, always loving.

The information contained within the pages of my website are informed by the work I do and reflective of my own thoughts through the filter of the experience and knowledge I have gained thus far. 

This is my website and you are welcome to explore but must be mindful that you are entering “my house”, with my pictures on the wall, it will not be to everybody’s taste. And that is fine. 

And let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, when I refer to “loving” it is just that. 

This is not the love you feel for your friends and family. It is not romantic love like in the movies, but it is love that I frame as follows;

It is a deeply felt compassion that is strictly set within the boundaries of professional therapy. Compassion, empathy, concern are all great industry words used to describe the most effective therapeutic relationship but

for me, it is love and I will not dilute the term.

If that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, great! That is the perfect place from which to start therapy.