Below is the basic wording of the therapy contract. This document changes from time to time, in line with changes in legislation and protocols within the field of personal therapy. 

Symantha’s Talking Therapy 
Therapy Contract between Client and Therapist

Contract between [you, the client] and Symantha Simcox of Symantha’s Talking Therapy.

Therapist’s responsibilities

To be available at the agreed times.
To start and end sessions on time.
To offer a quiet, appropriate, and undisturbed space.
To maintain safe, professional boundaries.
To regard all contact and information as confidential unless she has reasonable doubt concerning the actual safety of the client or others.
To encourage client autonomy.
To work within the UKCP Ethical Framework (available upon request)
To review therapeutic work and relationship regularly.
In the unlikely event of the therapist cancelling, an alternative appointment offered ASAP.

Client’s responsibilities

To attend punctually.
To give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice when cancelling/changing an appointment.
Communicating with the therapist outside agreed counselling sessions to be limited to making, changing, or cancelling an appointment unless by prior arrangement.
To respect the counsellor and her property.
To agree to give permission to contact the GP if the therapist has serious concerns about the risk to self (client) or others.
To discuss with the therapist when you feel you are ready to end therapy.
To let the therapist, know if you are in or are considering entering another therapeutic relationship.

What is on offer.

Symantha’s Talking Therapy offers hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy following the person-centred approach. This means you are empowered to discover solutions to issues in a supportive environment. The therapist promises honesty and respect whilst exploring the issues the client brings to therapy at the times agreed. The hypnosis will be tailored to the client’s needs considering all that has been shared within the sessions and in line with the client’s goals and aspirations.

Supervision and confidentiality.

The work the therapist does is monitored under the second tier of supervision. Aspects of the therapy sessions will be taken to supervision specifically to monitor the methods and skills of the therapist and to ensure that the client is receiving the best possible service; at no time will any client’s name or any identifiable information be shared and the supervisor is also bound by the same code of ethics. Confidentiality is sacrosanct but there are boundaries and limits to confidentiality as detailed in the therapist’s declaration.

Records of sessions.

Any notes made by the therapist will be coded so that in isolation they will not be identifiable as relating to any person and held on a password protected database on a separate hard drive. The therapist will record all sessions (audio recording) unless specifically requested not to by the client. These recordings will be listened to once by the therapist, as aide-memoire and for purpose of planning therapy and then deleted.

By signing this we both agree to the above and be bound by the terms and conditions of this arrangement.

Signed [by you, the client] on [date]  and signed by me:-

Symantha Simcox

Symantha's Talking Therapy