Flower Power.

Consider a bunch of flowers.

Variety is the spice of life! 

Our differences should unite us not divide us.

What makes me, or you unique, are the very things that make the world a vibrant more interesting place.

I was thinking about this whilst arranging a beautiful hand tied bouquet I had been given into a vase.

No two flowers are exactly the same.

As I took each flower from the tissue and cellophane dressing, I took a moment to really look at it before placing it in the vase.

Each flower was unique. In colour, size, shape and point of growth.

Even the flowers of the same species are far from identical. Of course, there is a higher incidence of similarity but never exactly the same.

Our Differences Complement and Contribute to the Bigger Picture

If my bunch of flowers was made of, not only the same flower species,  but flowers identical in shape, size and colour, it would appear lifeless. Like a handful of identical silk flowers. 

Pretty but without an organic unique beauty. False and common-place.

But no two stems in my bunch support the same likeness and it is because of this that they stand out as individuals whilst at the same time contributing to the bigger whole that makes up the collective.

Synergistic Symphony.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, is not exactly what I’m saying but more the sum of the parts creates something brand new and unique in and of itself. 

The collective makes a new, impressive singular unit.

And that new unit wouldn’t be as magnificent and gorgeous as it is, without the contribution of each and every flower, stem and leaf.

With a smile and warm regards,

Symantha x

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