Everyone can benefit from therapy and it works best for those with a mind to improve.

Everyone can benefit from therapy but it is a tarred word. It can conjure up an archaic and inaccurate picture of what personal therapy actually is and to whom it applies.

Throw those dated misconceptions away! 

It is for people who want to achieve their potential.

It is for people who understand the value of self-work and give it a priority in their life.

It is for people who want to change and grow.

It is about you discovering and harnessing your inner power.

Putting You First.

Understanding “self” can be challenging but it’s worth it. What you focus on in life becomes your reality. Make sure you are central to that picture!

People who assume that they know themselves without checking in with themselves are destined to make the same mistakes time over. It’s part of our inherited survival system. But what works best for our ancient lizard brain, is not necessarily useful in the boardroom, for making meaningful connections, or protecting us from the discomfort that those inner drivers cause in our modern world.

Symantha's Talking Therapy

I can help you.

Perception and Reality.
Symantha's Talking Therapy
Symantha's Talking Therapy

Therapy helps you integrate both parts of existence. It denies none of your instinctive, survival-driven behaviours, but it explores self-understanding and provides choice.

Symantha’s Talking Therapy is about dealing with the psychological and emotional issues that we all have. Those that threaten our peace of mind, happiness, and success in life. 

And it puts you back in the driving seat.

It's up to you!

Everyone can benefit from therapy, but not everyone gives it the priority it deserves.

Therapy helps ensure that most of the time you are operating at your personal best; that other times are reduced to an absolute minimum and then when they do arise, having the tools to move successfully and confidently forward.

You only walk one time in these boots, make sure you choose when to march, stroll, race or dance. 

How long does therapy last?

You can find my thoughts on the matter here.

You are right to plan ahead and consider how many sessions you might need, want, and/or be able to financially afford. 

But always, I am guided by you and your aims of therapy. 

I am a member of the College of Medicine and Integrated Health, this is a subscription membership but I am keen to raise the profile of this wonderful organisation because it is championing a new vision and new way for everyone’s health and well-being, embracing a truly holistic approach. You can find out all about them here.