478 Breathing Technique

Give your soul a breather.

The video to demonstrates the 478 breathing technique.

When you take a fast, deep breath in, your heart rate quickens slightly and  then when you breathe out slowly, the heart rate slows. Repeating the process assists this and as the heart rate settles and slows, endorphins are released by your brain. Endorphins are the chemicals that produce a calming effect on our minds and bodies. Just what you need when you are feeling any degree of anxiety.

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Deep breathing from the belly signals our parasympathetic nervous system to calm the body down. It can help us to manage our stress responses that present in the symptoms of galloping thoughts, rapid heartbeat, shallow chest breathing and dizziness. Focused deep breathing is our in-house easy treatment. It costs nothing, requires no special equipment or taking of manufactured drugs. We should all be using it

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And breathe...

The 478 breathing technique is one of many and to get the most out of it, you need to practice daily. That way you develop your own way and begin to tune into the rhythms and needs of your own physical being.

I mention in the video how it might help in the self development situation, where you are trying to break a habit, eat less, adopt new beneficial behaviours etc. In that scenario it works as a pattern break, to stop you in your stride, re-centre yourself and remind yourself of your new way of being. It is about being mindful, stopping the unwanted behaviour in its tracks, and in the calm and re-centred space refocusing your choice to the one that is of highest benefit for you. It helps as part of an ongoing plan.

Breathing is something we do automatically, we don’t have to thing about it, we just do it. Yet it is the prime function of life, carrying essential oxygen to all parts of our body and mind. It is a commonplace miracle that we overlook because we can.

It is time to give a bit of focused attention to this wonderful auto-system of ours and use its magic to give a bit of TLC to our over-stimulated, stressed systems.

With a smile and warm regards,

Symantha x