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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Shropshire

Hi, I'm Symantha, I'm a hypnotherapist and you might be my next client...

About Me

Symantha Simcox, BA, CHP (NC), DHP,
CNHC Registered.

I am a hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people get the most out of their lives. 

With issue-based work, I use my skills to enable you to discover your own solutions to the difficulties and problems you face. 

For motivational and self-development work, I use the same skills harnessing the power of imagination to enhance whatever aspect of you and your life that you want to. 

My expertise is in holding a safe space for you to look inward. Then using hypnosis to re-frame, resolve, minimise or delete unwanted pain, difficulties, or unhelpful habits. Or alternatively, to develop and strengthen your known skills, abilities and innate creativity. Those that you know you already possess and want to enhance and free up even more.

As it happens issue-based therapy involves accessing creative resourcefulness and self-development work invariably solves issues; so the two mingle and merge.  Be prepared to dig deep but know you will only have to go as deep as you are prepared to. 

But be brave. 

The results can be truly life-changing.

Reach out and find out.
Neither of us know until you ask.

Please feel free to enquire. 

Choosing the right therapist for you is important. 

Please use my website as a resource. There is a lot here to inform and guide you and if you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to connect with me.

I will respond to all genuine enquiries and answer your questions as fully as possible.  

Together we will decide whether to set up a professional relationship and proceed with the therapeutic/ creative sessions. In the rare scenario where I feel hypnotherapy is not the best option, I will endeavour to signpost to alternative solutions or therapists.

So please email me at connect@symanthas.com or complete the contact form to get the ball rolling. Whatever we share at any stage remains confidential for my part, whether we decide to embark on therapy or not. 

I am here to help you change your mind about things, literally!

Helping you find your way, your way!

Save time every day to wander and wonder, outside and inside!

Exercise your body and ease your mind. 

Exercise your mind and ease your life.

Mind Matters


It seems an obvious thing to say but our minds really do matter. 

Over the last month or year, how often have you given yourself the time, space, and quiet to really focus on the part of you that houses your conscious thoughts and your subconscious programming? 

Investment in self-care is essential to supporting our physical, spiritual, social, and psychological well-being.

A great workout session in the gym maintains your physical health and boosts your mental well-being. A facial can leave your skin glowing, and make you feel good. A few beers with the guys can lift your spirit and momentarily take you away from your stresses and time out with a good book or great film can provide a temporary escape from present worries. 

But I’m talking about committed self-investment. That means giving yourself the time to take a deep dive into “self” and to challenge some of the subconscious programmings that run via automated electrical impulses that fire through your brain and body, making you do the things you do.

This is vital if you want to make lasting and meaningful changes in your life. 

We humans are fantastic, complex, and awe-inspiring bundles of energy served by the 86 billion neurons residing in our brains. To put that number into perspective 86 billion seconds is equal to 2,727 years.  86 billion millimetres equals 53, 440 miles! THAT is how big that number is.  

We are amazing! 

Every one of us has possession of that awesome piece of kit. We are better and more remarkable than any smartphone. Yet we spend more time looking at and trawling through our mobiles than we ever do exploring our own inner world. 

Personal therapy provides the time, space, and guidance to look inward and carefully uncover the potential origins of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, to understand them and then, and this is the really exciting part, change, redesign or even totally eradicate old unhelpful patterns and behaviours. Hypnosis can help speed the process of change up, and when we change, the world changes!

Light on!

Light on, light in, light up, light out.